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Are you curious as to why we explore and send humans to outer space and what it means for you and your family?

Are you ready to make your dreams real?

Are you interested in cutting edge ideas to assist you in increasing your bottom line?

Would you like to weigh less?

I will show you how to answer these questions and more. I'll speak on these unusual topics of interest and bring inspiring perspectives for you to use to think and act differently in your personal and professional lives.

With thirty years of experience speaking and consulting about real estate, energy, business planning and development, the future of space, space commerce, space ethics and preparing the general population, advocacy groups, and graduate students for the exciting future that lies in front of us, I have developed a deep understanding of what it takes for you to be successful.

I've devoted my entire adult life to making sure that I don't have to make personal ethical compromises to pursue and obtain my personal and business goals. I will show you how to do the same.

My programs will demonstrate to you strong content, well-developed conclusions, and powerful recommendations for you to use right now. My presentation is laced with a humorous delivery and I welcome and encourage interactive audience participation.

I look forward to being on your winning team.